About Dinacharya

Dinacharya is a world-class online Hindi news company that covers national and international stories. It focuses on delivering reports and analysis of different sections, including politics, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, technology, and business.

Our Inspiration

The world is suffused with stories of common people who live in every corner of this profound space. People in this world perform specific tasks on a daily basis to fulfill their certain goals. Such a practice helps them maintain a contended and stable life throughout the cycles of the day. However, not every planned chore are cannot be completed due to adverse conditions. Such real events and stories that deserve to be heard are not told or read by all.

Exhilarated by aforesaid events, we started Dinacharya to transmit the message to the en masse by delivering the information with authenticity in the presentation. The word “Dinacharya” means “daily routine” in Hindi. The platform is not just another news channel, but an inspiration to maintain a balanced life.

What Motivates Us

We at Dinacharya have our vision to bring the latest news to the readers in the most appropriate manner without any bias. It is our goal to become a top-ranked online Hindi platform by bringing essential news with honesty and prudence.

The website is designed to allow the users to access news from PCs and mobile devices. This will help them stay updated with the latest updates, trending stories, new launches, and other reviews. The company also has social media platforms generated for interacting with users in an effective way.

The company has the aim to provide awareness about the events happening in the course of time through a rational, impartial approach towards journalism and news reporting. Trusted for being fast and consistent, Dinacharya is emerging as a leader in news consignment.